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Desert Stars

An ever-engaging entertainer, Jamie Neumann communicates a deep love for music through the formation of an all girl band called Desert Stars. The band is characterized by heavy percussion and string with 60s pop vocals and tonality, but whose lyrics are heavily steeped in real life angst. Frequently retained by the live bar circuits in the New York region, Desert Stars continues to attract the attention of contemporary Manhattan society. A new album is in the works.

High & Mighty Brass Band or HMBB!

The High & Mighty Brass Band brings a mix of classic New Orleans Funk, R&B, Afro-Beat and Hip Hop to the party. Performances include halftime at Madison Square Gardens for the New York Knicks, Jetblue anniversary at Terminal 5 JFK, Sports Illustrated and launch party for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

HMBB’S! debut record “Round I” is out now and is available on itunes!